SearchLove London 2012 – The Roundup of Roundups

Earlier this week, the digital marketing team at Zen travelled to London for the fourth year running to attend the Distilled SearchLove conference.  SearchLove is an annual two-day event which took place at the Congress Centre on Great Russell Street on Monday 29th and Tuesday the 30th October.

The conference boasted a great range of speakers from the field of digital marketing who shared their expertise on the topics of SEO, keyword research, social media and more.  With free food and beverages throughout the conference and an exclusive party, SearchLove was a great way to start off this mundane October week!

SearchLove Day One

The morning began with a brief introduction from the CEO of Distilled, Duncan Morris, which was followed by a Live Site review by Wil Reynolds, Stephen Pavlovich and Hannah Smith.  After this, Justin Briggs kicked off the individual presentations with “The Life of an In-House SEO”, his main message being the importance of building relationships with communities and good customer services.

After a quick break, Guy Levine proceeded with his presentation “The Future of Small Business SEO”, which was followed by Mark Johnstone’s presentation on “Beyond Linkbait: First Steps to a Content Strategy”, where he gave tips on how to tease apart an average idea from a brilliant one.  Wil Reynolds then launched his session “Chasing Algorithms: Think Deviously, Act Angelic, and Never Get Hit by a Penalty” and after this came Heather Healy’s “Do Social Signals Actually Play a Part in Search Rankings?” and Mat Clayton’s “Marketing Hacks”.

Will Critchlow and Rand Fishkin rounded off the first day’s presentations with “Head to Head – Inbound Marketing on a Shoestring Budget”.  Will from Distilled, and Rand from SEOmoz went head to head, both demonstrating different ways to build great marketing campaigns on a low budget.

Reports, Live Blogs & Roundups

For a live report of the first day of the conference’s happenings from Gianluca Fiorelli, have a look at the links below:

Distilled themselves posted a live blog/roundup of the first day of the SearchLove conference, take a look at it here:

Mediarun’s Alex Wares expressed his opinions on day one of SearchLove 2012, have a look at his blog post here:

SearchLove Day Two

The second and final day of the SearchLove 2012 conference started with an introduction from Distilled’s Duncan Morris once again, after which the first presentation began.  David Mihm kick-started the day with “The Need to Know of Local SEO”, and this was followed Richard Baxter‘s presentation on “How We Build Links at SEOgadget”.

The presentations continued after a refreshments break with talks on “Conversion Tracking & Online/Offline Attribution” by Lauren Vaccarello and “The Unexpected Value of Creating Things” by Dave Peiris, who offered tips on how to build successful site projects.  Lisa Myers spoke about an international SEO strategy in her presentation “International SEO – One Size doesn’t Fit All” and this was followed by Paul Madden’s lecture on “Building an Outsourced & Automated Infrastructure from Scratch” which focused on collecting data and teamwork.

The penultimate presentation of the conference was Phil Nottingham’s “The Building Blocks of Great Video”, where he offered insights into the role of video in the world of SEO, and this was followed by the final presentation of the conference by Patrick McKenzie – “Eating CRO: Real World Case Studies for 20-100% Increases in Revenue”.

Roundups, Sketches & Live Reports

The key points and main ideas made by the speakers on both day one and two of SearchLove are covered in depth in a roundup written by Laura Phillips which can be found by clicking on the following links:

If visual aids are your thing then you will love Dave Colgate’s artistic approach to making notes at the SearchLove conference! Make sure you take a look at the link below to see more photos of his notes:

Gianluca also reported live from Day 2 for State of Search:

Both Days: Tips, Tactics, Studies, Infographics & Presentations

There is no doubt that one benefit of attending the SearchLove conference is listening to the highly experienced speakers impart their nuggets of wisdom.  The link below is a great summary of the expert advice, tips and tactics that were shared over the course of the two days by Julie McNamee from Wordtracker.

Wayne Barker conducted a ‘really scientific’ study at the SearchLove conference, have a look at his findings:

You can view the speakers’ presentations by clicking on the link below.  Obviously, viewing the slideshows from SearchLove without the speakers’ voiceover and words to guide you could be a bit tricky and confusing, but here they are anyway:

Finally, Andrea Pernici has put together an amazing Tube map inspired graphic showing each of the speakers from both days. It’s well worth a look:

SearchLove 2012 Photos

If you attended the conference and are feeling nostalgic, or if you didn’t attend the conference but simply wish that you did…you can check out some of the photos from the event by clicking on the links below:

SearchLove 2012 on Social Media

Throughout the conference, people were blogging, sharing and tweeting their insights, comments and views on the two days using the hashtag #SearchLove. Take a look at a few of the thoughts on the SearchLove conference here:


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